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Can Streaming Help You Break Free of Your Financial Worries?

Can Streaming Help You Break Free of Your Financial Worries?

Streaming has changed a lot in the last decade, it is not just a hobby for people anymore with viable career opportunities coming from this new addition to the industry and many people working to build their streaming portfolio and become a recognized figure. Streaming is basically when you record yourself playing games and other media for a viewing audience, this can be done live or via a streaming platform where you can use social media to boost your following and keep track of how many people are tuning in with each stream.

Building a career in streaming can significantly boost your career and help you be rid of any financial worries for a long time, the money that can be made through streaming alone is a solid amount as well as the fact that streaming can open up many other business opportunities for you. If you are unsure of where you would like to take your career then this could be a very viable opportunity to ensure you are doing something productive that will also provide you with a decent wage each week.

Making Money Through Streaming Alone

Making Money Through Streaming AloneStreaming is a great opportunity for you to do something that you enjoy and share it with others who may have a similar interest, money making aside this can be used as a hobby or escape for you to put your creative energy within.

The way that you can make money by doing this would be to monetise your content so that you can have ad placements within where you will be paid a decent sum for doing so. This is one of the most popular methods of making money on streaming and if you make a regular appearance on your streaming platforms this can add up to a significant wage for you to live from.

Creating Your Own Career

The great thing about venturing down this career path would be the fact that you are in complete control over your business and how you make money. For people who have always worked within an existing company this freedom could be the perfect opportunity for you to finally show what you can do. It is not for everybody but if you are willing to work at it and post your content on a regular basis for your viewers you should find that your content popularity grows in no time. Streaming can provide a new career path for you that you may never have considered before, you will never know until you give it a try and see how your unique streaming videos are received by the public.

Other Media Opportunities

The great thing about streaming is that it is just the beginning of what you can do with a media career of this nature. If you start streaming and open up multiple profiles on other platforms then you will grow to be a very big media figure in as little as a few months. Depending on how much you are willing to work at it and market yourself in a way that gains followers then you could be setting up a new career that will stand the test of time and provide a significant income for you. Many streamers use streaming as a stepping stone to other brand deals and media based opportunities. I would highly recommend diversifying your money when starting a career like this which is based upon popularity and views in order to secure future work for yourself.

Benefits Within Your Everyday Life

Success in streaming has many benefits within everyday life, it can allow you to get your freedom back especially if you are living with debts and other financial issues that have taken control. In Connecticut especially we have seen an increase in the amount of homes on the verge of foreclosure due to a lack of mortgage payment. Streaming and starting earning your own money again can turn this situation around and give you a fresh start. This is how to sell a house on the verge of foreclosure in CT by getting back on track with your finances, selling the property that has brought you so much stress can be very good for your mental health also as you start a new career venture.

Using Social Media

Using Social MediaThe final way that streaming can help you to break free of your financial worries would have to be how social media can be used as a tool to develop your career. Especially within streaming where you can easily share your content to get more followers and contact other social media based businesses for any opportunities if you’re streaming without managing your accounts I would urge you to change this immediately as you are missing out on some much needed media attention and ratings.

5 Ecommerce Strategies You Can Learn from the Games Industry

If you are well-versed in the internet world, you may be more than familiar with the introduction of eCommerce. If you are not familiar with the term eCommerce, you will be glad to know that it is more straightforward than the word may imply. E-Commerce is essentially any transaction that takes place online, so for example, when you purchase food using an online delivery application.

These days, most purchases are made through eCommerce as there has been a drastic increase in the number of people shopping online or simply making transactions through online services such as PayPal. As well as eCommerce becoming much more popular, something else that has become increasingly popular in online gaming. Something that you may not have realized is that a lot of what we have learned from online gaming can actually be applied to the world of eCommerce, like all games that operate on an online function depend on the use of e-commerce in some way or another. Here are 5 eCommerce strategies you can learn from the game industry.

In-Game Currency

Something that is a very regular part of almost all online games is the use of in-game currency. Not many people feel comfortable making a physical purchase every time they want to buy or unlock something in the game, so using in-game currency makes this feel a lot less daunting and money-consuming.

Usually, in-game currency can be earned in small amounts, but it is bought in bundle packages for the most part. If you are thinking of setting up something similar, you could offer some in-site currency that your customers can use.

Object Trading Market

Another trend that you may have noticed in gaming is the introduction of in-game trading. Now depending on the game that you are playing, this trading could be absolutely anything. The most popular and most common example of in-game trading is probably skin trading. People will pay a lot of actual money to get skins that they can then sell on at a higher price, which means that there is continuous use of eCommerce within their games.

Customer Loyalty

Something that the gaming industry absolutely depends on is customer loyalty. Without customer loyalty, games will be unable to reach the success that they may wish to. Gaining customer loyalty is something that should always be the focus of your business. You need to make sure that your customer feels as though they can trust your business as if they do not, they won’t feel the need to come back with repeat custom, which could be bad for your business.

We recommend that you always stay in contact with your customer, as this way you will be able to get an idea of what is working and what is not.


You may have noticed that a lot of gaming companies offer up merch to their customers. If you are a business that operates through eCommerce, it is probably more than likely to offer up some product in return.  If you haven’t already, we recommend that you look at the best fulfillment services that you can use to sell merchandise to your customers and users. This will cut the middle man and mean that you don’t have to stock anything for yourself.

Mobile Devices

Something that you may know is that most people access the internet these days through their mobiles. Companies are more than aware of how much people are starting to depend on their phones, which means more and more gaming companies are starting to move their games to more accessible mobile platforms. If you are someone that owns an eCommerce business, we recommend that you ensure that it is compatible with mobile devices. This will mean that more people will feel the need to use your company page, which will only increase the potential profits.

Our In Depth Guide to Training for an ESports Tournament

In the last few years, gaming has really started to take over the world. Gaming was once something that was considered only done by nerds in the darkness of their bedrooms. This stigma has started to disappear in the last few years, thanks to the help of streaming and gamers gaining mainstream popularity.

In the past, people would leave gaming behind with their childhood. These days it is hard to find someone that doesn’t enjoy gaming in their free time. Many believe that gaming has become so popular due to the advancements that have been made. In the past, you were only really limited to 2D games that followed the same kind of gameplay pattern, which many people found boring. These days the quality of the games that you can play is absolutely extraordinary, and with VR on the rise, who knows what the world of gaming will become?

Something that nobody could have expected out of the world of gaming was the introduction of Esports. Esports is basically a tournament between gamers, where people play their favorite games competitively and whoever wins gets a huge cash prize.

If you are interested in gaming, you may have thought about taking part in an Esport tournament. You have to remember that you are playing with the best of the best with these games, so you need to make sure that you have prepared so that you are ready. Here is how to train for an esports tournament.

Play Ranked Games

Practicing is essential to prepare yourself for any gaming tournament. Many people make the mistake of simply playing with their friends and hoping that this is practice enough. You have to make sure that you are playing with people who are up to professional players’ skill level, as this is the only way you can really test your skills.

Most games will give you the option to play ranked games. By choosing this mode, you will only play with people who are up to the same standard as you within the game. This way, you will truly test your skills and practice against the kind of people you will expect to play against in the future. Ranked games are a lot harder, so if you play and find yourself dying quite a lot, don’t be discouraged. Instead of seeing this as a sign that you shouldn’t enter the tournament, instead, take this as an opportunity to improve your own skills and learn.

Don’t ruin the game for yourself.

The worst thing that you can do when it comes to competitive gaming is forcing yourself to play so much that you dislike the game. This happens more commonly than you may think, and so you should take the necessary steps to avoid this happening to you. Make sure that you don’t force yourself to play the game when you don’t feel like it, as you will only start to create negative associations with the game, which may prevent you from playing effectively.

Make sure that you are setting aside time to have fun with your friends, load up your vape with your favorite cbd oil, lock up discord and kick back for a few hours and get silly with it so that you don’t lose any of the enjoyment that you have in the game.

Watch successful player’s streams.

There have been plenty of esports tournaments out there, and if you know of some of the best players for the game of your choice, we recommend that you watch their streams. Watching their streams is a great way to figure out how to play as successfully as them. We don’t recommend that you watch just one stream. Instead, you should watch several so you can pick up any patterns in their techniques that make them more successful at the game.

Once you have watched many of their games and picked up their techniques, you can then try and implement them into your own gameplay the next time you play the game. You may be pleasantly surprised when the techniques work, and you can also use these techniques within your very own gameplay.

There is also absolutely no harm in reaching out to some of your players for advice on playing the game well. These guys can be surprisingly nice, and many of them are happy to mentor you on how to play the game successfully. You need only ask them. If people don’t get back to you, you could always talk to people within that particular gamer’s fan community, as many of them are bound to be fans of the game and have their own experiences.

Is Apex Legends Set to Topple Overwatch

In the last few years, first-person shooters and battle royale games have become extremely popular.  There is a mass appeal towards PVP games due to the fact that multiplayer platforms are more advanced than they have ever been, which means that you can now play and chat with your friends very easily.

Among the long list of popular PVP and first-person shooter games, one that has reigned supreme for quite a while now is Overwatch. As other games have come and go, Overwatch has managed to stay on top.

Overwatch has a dedicated fan base that has remained loyal to the game for a number of years. Though there haven’t been any distinctive changes to the game, Overwatch always manages to keep up with the demands of their fanbase. This means introducing new characters, new game modes, and new and exciting ways to enjoy the game.

Though Overwatch has continued to deliver for some time now, there is a new kid on the block. Apex Legends has been taking the gaming world by storm for a couple of years now and much like Overwatch, this battle royale first-person shooter came onto the scene at just the right time, as the gaming world was completely obsessed with battle royale games. Many people believe that Apex legends are set to topple Overwatch in the world of gaming, due to its fantastic game modes and ability to use apex legends hacks when playing, but is that really the case?


Battle Royale

One of the main differences between the two games is that Apex legends are a Battle Royale game. This means that once you are dead in the game, you can no longer come back and play. Overwatch is different as when you die once, you have the opportunity to come back and keep playing.  For some people, this is preferred as it means that they can get back into the game that they have spent so much time working hard in. However, a lot of people like that in Apex Legends you only get one chance as it means that there is more to lose when you are playing, which means that you try harder during the game.


Character Selection

Another big difference between the games is the character selection. If you have ever played Overwatch, then you will know that there is a vast character selection and you can pick from over a dozen characters, each with their own special features that will influence your gameplay.

Apex legends have something that is similar, which is being able to pick the abilities of your characters. However, the character selection is much more limited in Apex Legends and the abilities of the characters have much less variety. For this reason, people will always choose Overwatch over Apex Legends in terms of character selection, but Apex Legends have stated that they will add to their character portfolio in the upcoming updates.


Objective orientated

As previously stated, Apex Legends is a battle royale game, which means that the ultimate goal of the game is to kill and not be killed. Overwatch is a little more complex than that and there are several modes with different objectives. Popular Overwatch game modes are Payload or Capture the Flag and these are the main modes that are played all over the world.

Due to Apex Legends being such a fresh game, they are yet to introduce additional game modes on top of their standard battle royale. This is where Overwatch continues to reign supreme, as they have been able to continuously add game modes to keep their players entertained. It is important to remember that Overwatch is much older than Apex Legends so they have had time to add these modes, whereas Apex is yet to have the chance to do so.


Fan Base

Something that really sets the two games apart is their fan bases. Overwatch has a dedicated fanbase that takes the game very seriously. If you have ever been to a convention like Comic-Con or something similar, then you are bound to run into someone cosplaying as their favorite Overwatch character.

Apex Legends is yet to have the same impact culturally as Overwatch has. Once again, this is partly to do with the fact that the game is so new in comparison to others that are quite similar. Once the game is updated and more is added to it, we believe that it will start to have much more of a following throughout the world. Unfortunately, the game has been at a standstill for a few months, which we predict means that there is more to come.

It is hard to say whether or not Apex legends will topple Overwatch, but as it currently stands we do not believe that it will.

The Pro Guide to Camping out at a Gaming Convention

It is that time of year again where all of the best gaming conventions are starting to open their doors.  Last year, many of us were deprived of the opportunity to geek out with our fellow gamers and hear about all of the up-and-coming games and consoles that were scheduled to be released.

This year, everything is starting to open back up again, but things are a little different this time. There are now new rules and regulations in place to ensure the safety of convention goers, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be as fun as it is every year.  Though you will be asked to keep your distance and keep your hands clean, you can still do all of the things that make conventions so enjoyable.

Due to the year of depravity that convention lovers had to experience, it is predicted that this year conventions are going to be jam-packed. So if you are planning on going to places like E3 or Insomnia, we recommend that you not only buy your tickets way ahead of time, but you should get in the queue as early as possible too.

In order to ensure that you are one of the first people through the door at a convention, we recommend that you try camping out.  Camping out may seem strenuous, but it is actually extremely fun and you will make memories that will last a lifetime. As fun, as it can be, camping out overnight in front of a gaming convention, can have its challenges. Here is our pro guide to camping out at a gaming convention.

Make sure you Bring Comfy Seating

Though you may be tempted to cut a few corners in order to save some money, we recommend that you don’t just bring your standard camping chair while you are camping out. Though camping chairs are fine for the short term, if you plan on spending all night outside of the convention, then you will need something more comfortable.

Though the excitement of the event may keep you awake during the night, we recommend that you ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. If you are camping out in a pop-up tent, you should be able to fit in a blow-up mattress or something similar.  This will mean that you will be able to get a few hours of sleep ahead of the events of the next day, as you don’t want to be exhausted when you have hours of activities ahead of you. If you are someone that generally struggles to fall asleep, then simply being comfortable may not cut it. There are delta 8 carts for sale from this company that you can vape outside, depending on the laws of your area. Taking a delta 8 cart with you will help you fall asleep, which means you will be ready to go the next day.

Make some friends

One of the best parts about conventions is the friends that you can make there. You may be surprised to know that you will be more likely to make friends while camping in the line, as you will need some way to preoccupy your time.

If you meet people that are camping out, then they are probably as passionate as you are about gaming so it is likely that you will have a lot in common. They may also tell you many cool features about the convention that you may not know about, such as great food spots and cheap merch stands. Making a friend while camping will also give you some security, as if you end up falling asleep or needing to use the bathroom, they will look after your things for you which can be a problem if you decide to camp out alone.

Bring some Sanitary Products

If you are camping out overnight, it is likely that you are not going to have access to a shower. If you have ever been to a gaming convention, you know just how hot and sweaty it can get due to the vast amount of people there. We recommend that you bring plenty of deodorants as well as antibacterial wipes and sprays, just so that you can stay fresh. You will not only be doing yourself a favor, but your fellow convention-goers will thank you for your service.

If you have ever camped out overnight, you know how awful it can feel to not have access to all of your usual necessities, so bringing items that will make you feel comfortable in terms of hygiene will mean that you will be ready to take on the busy day ahead. You can also offer some of your items out to those who may need them, which will make you extremely popular in the line.

This is the Fitness Regime Followed by E-Sports Players

Esports has been gradually growing in popularity over the last few years even to the point of talks being in place around introducing Esports in the same capacity as our mainstream professional sports industries.  As Esports gains such a huge following there has been more interest in the training and preparation that competitors have to go through in order to be successful during an event. There is a lot that goes into it with each training activity focusing on a different element of the body and mind to help our professional Esports players win their games. 


Game Training

The game training that many Esports players will do will depend upon their favored E-sport or video game to compete in, it is said that many professional players will spend over ten hours a day practicing and honing their skills on their specialized Esports game. The games that are played can vary with many mainstream video games and some more strenuous sports simulators being amongst some of the most popular.  


The game training that many players will conduct consists of the general playing of the games, it is important that players are aware of every aspect of the game including the storyline, controls, and game objectives. If a player is not well versed in what they need to do to win the game then it is likely that they will not do very well in comparison to someone who has spent hours doing the E-sport. Many would argue that because many Esports revolve around traditional video games they should not be considered a sport, however, when you look at the level of familiarity that is needed to be successful there is actually a lot of hard work involved.  


Team Training

Many Esports will require a team to compete against another team of players in a  head to head match, with this in mind it would be a great idea to find time to come together with your fellow players and practice playing a few matches so that you can work on your tactics and work out any specific strategies that you could use to get your win. It is often overlooked the importance of spending time training with your team, and it is clearly apparent when a team has not practiced together as a game that requires multiple team members to work effectively as a unit cannot be faked. 


Training as a team can also be very beneficial for your individual skill level, if you are struggling with your current training methods it could be a nice refresher to see how somebody else plays the game and any of their tactics that could be implemented into your own gameplay. It is also a great social experience for you to meet like-minded individuals who have a passion for playing esports with who you could build a friendship.  


Physical Fitness

It may come as a surprise to you that there is a level of physical fitness required within the Esports industry, as there is so much variation within the games and sports that are played competitively there is also a lot of differences between the level of physical fitness that is required. As more and more games are released, as well as the production of new technology such as virtual reality we have seen more physically exerting Esports coming into play within the professional competition setting. This means that virtual sports which require a similar skill level that is required within the real thing are also being introduced to the industry.  


When you consider the training for these types of Esports you will need to make sure you are in peak health and fitness before you start to compete, if you lack the energy level that is required then it is likely that you will lose speed very early on and lose the win. If you are looking for ways that you can improve your health and fitness to the point where you can compete effectively in the more active Esports then I would highly recommend that you look at losing weight and leaning up, this is a great way to reduce your cholesterol levels and increase your stamina.  


If you are not the best when it comes to losing weight and increasing your fitness then I would suggest that you look at other methods to help you get into shape much quicker. Using supplements such as leanbean or visiting a professional trainer are both excellent ways to give yourself the motivation you need to improve your health. As you progress on your fitness journey you will find it much easier to compete in professional matches especially those that require extra physical exertion.  


Mental Training

Playing Esports also requires a lot of mental efficiency and the ability to make instant decisions during a high-stakes situation, if you are not mentally capable enough to deal with the stressful situation of competitive gaming then it is likely that you will not see the success rates that you desire. Building your mental capacity will take practice and time and it is not something that you are going to get overnight, one of the best things that you can do would be to practice playing your games a lot which you should be doing anyway. Practicing being in certain situations is one of the best ways to build your confidence and encourage your mind to make good decisions instantly and without contemplation that could cost you the game.  


Building your mental skills will help you in many other walks of life and if you are going to pursue a career in professional Esports it is something that you will need to work on. As video games only get more and more complicated it is likely that the need for good mental skills will only become more necessary.  


Familiarity With Equipment

Something that is very important within a professional Esports match would be how comfortable you are with the equipment, if you are not experienced with a certain model of a controller or headset it could really throw you off during a game and affect your overall performance. It is important that before a game you enquire around which equipment is going to be used so that you have the time to familiarize yourself with the positioning of the controls and get used to how you will need to play when playing on certain devices that you may not have used before.  


Match Preparation

 The match preparation that is required on the day of a big game consists of simple things like ensuring you have had plenty of food and drink beforehand to ensure your body is properly fueled for a good game. If you are feeling any pre-match nerves I would recommend doing some casual revision of your game tactics and the controls so that you can calm yourself down and focus on what you need to remember for the game. As you become more experienced you will find that your nerves lessen in intensity further in your career when you know what to expect.  

Ranking the Best Minecraft Game Modes Currently Available

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Since its creation over a decade ago, the game has had an impact on the gaming world, and every one of us has played the game at some point in our lives. 

Though the game had humble beginnings, over the years the game has expanded its possibilities. Instead of just being limited to building and crafting, there are now several game modes that you can choose from in order to make your gaming experience a lot funnier. Every year, more and more game modes are added to the game and it has now got to the point where it can be difficult to choose from the vast list of options.   

If you look at any Minecraft server list, you will see an overwhelming amount of game modes to choose from. Not all of us have the time to test them all out in order to find out which one we like, so having an outside perspective of the best games is extremely helpful. If you are someone who is new to Minecraft game modes and you are not sure what the best ones are, don’t worry. Here is our ranking of the best Minecraft game modes that are currently available to play.  



Before we get into the newer and more unique game modes, we have to talk about survival. Survival is the classic game mode that we are all familiar with. Within this model, you have to mine, hunt, and search for all of your own materials while taking on a mob at night time. In this mode, you have to build a base and keep your player alive. You can determine the difficulty of this mode and make it harder or easier for yourself. 


This game mode is constantly being updated, with new elements to the map and mobs being added every year. The constant evolution of this mode is what has kept it so popular, so if you are looking for a challenge and the opportunity to discover some cool features of the game, we recommend that you start here.  



One of the most popular features of Minecraft is building. Though you are able to do this in survival mode, you need to collect your own materials which can take a long time. For those of you that enjoy the building and creation element, but do not have the time or know-how to find all of the materials you require, then you will love creative mode. Creative mode allows you to spawn in every item that can be found in the game, this means you can use essentially anything you need to in order to create a world that you want.  

Being in creative mode also means that you do not have to worry about the mobs in the game as you will be completely passive, meaning that they won’t even notice you. This means that you can build without worrying about blowing up your creation or dying during the process. 



This game mode was made specifically for those of you that love map making. Though you could make maps in the previous modes, it was easy for people to destroy them and cheat, so if you made a game on a map there was no guarantee that it would be played fairly.  

 Within this model, people are unable to break the map. You can also add additional features to the map that you could not previously add on other modes, meaning that the games you make feel more realistic.  


The 4 Best Gaming Review Channels to Watch

Whatever video you want to watch, it’s likely someone will have already created it and posted it on YouTube. One of the newest trends for videos popular videos on YouTube is people playing video games and reviewing them. This is a great idea for a channel as if you’re creating the content you’re doing something that you enjoy and it’s either a great hobby or you can make a business out of it and if you’re watching the videos then you’ll be able to see the game before you commit to buying it. If you want to start your own gaming review channel and turn it into a business then a great way to get a head start is to take advantage of the services online to help boost your YouTube channel, I usually use this one when I need to buy youtube views. If you’re just interested in watching these reviews then we’ve found the 4 most enjoyable channels to watch.


Jose Vargas is better known by his YouTube channel name ‘Angry Joe’. He’s been creating gaming review videos for a long time and thanks to his dedication to it, his channel has become one of the most well-known and popular gaming review channels on YouTube. His content is funny and enjoyable whilst also being informative about the game which has led to him gaining over 3 million subscribers. He keeps up to date with the newest releases so his channel is always great when you’re trying to decide whether to buy a new game. His videos are usually at least a half-hour long and some are even an hour, this is great if you want a really detailed review of the newest games before you commit to the purchase. His name is Angry Joe because when he is reviewing games that were in his opinion disappointing he spends a lot of his time ranting, which is funny for the viewers.


If you’re looking for a much shorter review and don’t want to watch hour-long videos about the game then Gameranx’s channel will be much better suited to you. His videos are much quicker and are very to the point about the game, the majority of his reviews are 5-minute videos with all the main information that you need. He doesn’t include his opinion on the games so you can hear his list of pros and cons, see a little bit of the game footage, and make the decision for yourself.


ACG stands for Angry Centaur Gaming, this is another very popular gaming review channel with over 700k subscribers with most of their videos receiving around 100k views. ACG is somewhere in between Gameranx and AngryJoeShow, he disliked watching super short reviews so decided to start his own channel with most of his videos lasting around 20 minutes. This channel would be perfect for you if an hour is too long but you want more information about the game than you can get from a 5-minute video. One thing his viewers really appreciate about his channel is that if he ever receives a review code he’ll buy a copy and give it away to one of his supporters, this adds some additional fun to watch his videos.

Worth A Buy

Worth A Buy is another solidly rated gaming review channel, there are no additional quirks to this channel but it’s still popular as he splits the game into categories and is straight to the point with each category, giving lots of information but still in a short time as most of his videos are around 10 minutes.

Battle of the Arenas: What is the Best Battle Royale Game On the Market

In 2012 the world was introduced to the Hunger Games movie. Based on a series of extremely popular books, it saw people taken from their numbered districts and placed inside a massive arena. They were then forced to engage in the last man standing deathmatch. A brutal premise that is often attributed to the Hunger Games. But the first instance of this trope was actually from the 2003 manga, Battle Royale.

You may notice this manga has the same name as the gaming genre based upon the same principle. And for good reason. All those games have their history firmly rooted in that manga. Today, the battle royale genre is one of the most popular gaming genres out there. So we are going to take a look at some of the most popular Battle Royale games on the market and try to decide which one is best.


Fortnite is easily the most popular and well-known battle royale game on the market. It has been at the center of numerous controversies and scandals surrounding their own legal battles with companies such as Apple, and the issue of rampant child addiction to the game.

But all of that aside it remains very fun and easy to access the game. The battle royale formula is shaken up a bit by the inclusion of the ability to build structures as you play. This allows for greater tactical decisions and lots of creative freedom as well. The game also allows players to make their own game modes and even have their own skin submissions sold in store.

The game remains popular with its crossover events, recently crossing over with the marvel comics and now The Mandalorian as well. It seems Fortnite is not going to slow down anytime soon, and we are more than happy with that.


PUBG is often seen as the main competitor of Fortnite or is used to be. The two games were night and day. While their basic premise was the same, their styles and tones were different. PUBG takes a much more realistic and gritty approach to the genre. No building or cartoon characters. Just real guns, environments, and tools. And the community has plenty of working pubg cheats and aimbots from veterancheats to give you an edge against the more professional players.

This appeals much more to the audience that enjoys traditional shooters such as CoD and Battlefield. But in recent years PUBG has started to dwindle. Mainly due to the fact its creator, PlayerUnknown, has been involved in numerous PR issues and scandals for his horrible behavior. We wouldn’t be surprised if the game fades into obscurity very soon.

Fall Guys

A vastly different take on the genre. Fall Guys blew up at the start of 2020. Taking inspiration from shows such as Ultimate Ninja challenge and Total Wipeout, the game is presented as a TV show where the Bean shaped people must compete for crowns. Only one can be the victor in the end.

The game is wholesome fun. No shooting or killing, just a series of randomized mini-games that sees more and more players eliminated each round. This game has broadened the market for battle royale games and shown companies what can be done with the genre with a little creative thinking and flair for design. The game is now into its third season and we cant wait to see what it does next.

CoD: Warzone

As we said before, PUBG was the place CoD players went when they wanted to play a Battle Royale mode. But COD: Warzone is the final nail in the coffin of PUBG. Now CoD players have their own Battle Royale mode that is, by all accounts, fantastic.

The game features some truly breath-taking environments with lots of places to hide and explore. Paired with CoD’s signature gun-play and loadout systems, people can take their favorite loadout into battle and test their mettle against one-hundred other players.


The Winner

It is difficult to pick a definitive winner. If we went off player-based and community engagement, then Fortnite would win simply based on the fact that its player base is boosted by the younger crowd. But if we looked at player satisfaction we would argue that CoD: Warzone is the current champion of the Battle Royale Genre.