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The Exercise Regimes That E-Sports Players Follow

As we have seen Esports grow in such a huge amount in recent years there has been a call by fans to have this unique activity registered as an official competitive sport like football and basketball. As it has grown in popularity we have also seen more and more people try their hand at this technologically advanced simulated sports event to become a recognized players. What many people don’t know about Esports is that it takes a lot of training and both mental and physical preparation in order to see the best results and ultimately help you to get that win.

The great thing about Esports is that there is such a huge variation of sports to play, each sport focuses on a different aspect of the mind and body so I would recommend trying a few different things so that you can find the right event for you and your body. If you would like to know how you can tune your body to become more suited to the mental and physical strain of competing in an Esports event then keep reading to get the best tips from players who have actually lived the experience.


Physical Fitness

It may come as a surprise due to the technological side of playing Esports but players are actually required to have some physical capabilities in order to perform at a good standard. Some Esports will require less physical exertion than others but the virtual events that take place do actually require the player to move around in a similar way to what they would if they were playing a normal sport. All too often do we see people branding Esports as a glorified video game especially when the effort that is required is high.

If you are looking to better prepare your body by improving your fitness levels then I would highly recommend that you research cardio and weight lifting exercises, put together a schedule that you can realistically stick to and you are bound to see some great results over a couple of weeks. Doing cardio exercises like riding your bike and going for a rum is a great way to improve your stamina and ensure that you are in the best health and that you are ready to take on a strenuous Esports game.


Mental Preparations

Competing in multiple rounds of an Esports event can be very mentally draining, if you haven’t thought about how competing can affect your mental health then I would urge you to make some preparations as the effect it can have on even the most experienced player has the potential to be staggering. In order to properly mentally prepare yourself, I would make sure that you implement plenty of rest and reflection time into your training schedule, it can be very easy to become overwhelmed with the training process but making sure that you take the time out to relax can make it a lot more bearable.

If you want to negate the mental strain of competing in professional Esports then I would recommend that you reduce any variables that have the potential to make you faster. By doing things like making sure you eat properly and that you are getting enough sleep before a tournament you can ensure your mind is in the best shape in preparation for the big day. If you are worried about any aspect of your mental health and if you begin to feel negative side effects that you think are brought on by competing then I would highly recommend that you stop competing and take a break as it is never worth it to sacrifice your mental health.


Diet and Nutrition

As with any kind of sporting event where you are required to be active it is very important that you watch what you eat and that you are making healthier choices to maintain both your physical and mental health. Esports is no exception to this and if you are looking to build muscle and build your stamina you will need to look into the foods that are effective at encouraging this. You will need plenty of [protein as well as fruits and vegetables to help your body grow and encourage your muscle mass gain. If you are struggling with building muscle then you will be glad to know that there are a lot of great testosterone boosters for muscle gain that can seriously help you to be competition-ready at your next Esports game.


Equipment Prep

Although it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to make sure that you follow a strict exercise regime in preparation for your future Esports events, there are other things that you will need to consider before starting your competitive journey. Making sure you are the best equipment is very important as you do not want to put yourself at a disadvantage in comparison to your competitors. Depending on your chosen E-sport you will need to check before you play that you have access to and that you know how to use the relevant equipment. As a standard practice, you should also have access to a headset and controller where it is needed as most establishments expect you to bring your own, bringing your own is probably for the best anyway as it allows you to train with equipment that you are comfortable with.

Understanding Gaming: What is ELO and How does it Work?

The original video game was Pong. Two straight lines acting as paddles as a square ball darted between them. At the time of its creation, this was groundbreaking tech. Nowadays, as we all know, games are far more advanced. Capable of generating entire universes. Simulating living cities. Allows players to live out their wildest fantasies.

But one aspect of gaming that stayed consistent from the Pong days is the idea of competitive gaming. Pong was a one-on-one battle. And games have never lost that underlying idea of being just that. A game. Of course, we have many cooperative games as well. Left 4 Dead is designed to be played as a fully cooperative adventure. Yet even that has a multiplayer PvP mode.

The Competitive Drive

Humans are competitive by nature. It is hard-wired into most animals. The need to fight to survive. To compete and show strength to remaining dominant. But we have advanced far beyond our primal need for fighting. Now we are a cultured species we use competition as a way to entertain, drive us, and motivate us. And video games are no different.

But video games have one advantage that more traditional sports do not. Video games can use the gift of the internet to connect players from all over the globe. Two people who have never met, and may never meet, can face it off in a deadly battle of sword and shields. But, as with any sport, not all players are equal in skill and ability. So how does the system decide who to match you up against?


ELO is not a new concept. It was created in 1939, long before competitive online gaming. Originally it was designed for games such as chess. Games that use ELO are considered a Zero-Sum game. This is any game where, as one player does well, another player does not.

Think of it like this. In League of Legends, you get gold for killing other players. If you kill five players and they all kill no one, you have gained a significant advantage, while they have technically lost out. As your stats rise, theirs does not. You can increase your ELO by continually winning or using one of the safer elo boost companies to get you to your target ELO rank.

So any competitive game that puts players on an even playing field at the start of a round can be considered a Zero-Sum game. This includes games like Call of Duty. Despite the varying loadouts, no player has a direct power advantage over another at the start.

How Does it Work

The ELO system itself is fairly simple. Every player in a game is given a ranking shown as a number value. So unlike a rank class such as bronze or silver, your ELO would most likely be shown as a value like 1500. The main principle of ELO is that you will be matched against people with similar ELO ratings as your own. So if your rating is 1500 you will face players in the 1400-1600 range. The idea being they will be in a similar skill zone to yourself.

Whenever you win a game, you take ELO from the opposing players. Your value goes up, theirs goes down. Similar to the Zero-Sum idea. This is where the competitive nature comes into play. When you face off against another player, there is more at stake than just your honor. You risk falling into a lower skill band.

Problem with ELO

In a game such as Chess ELO is a fantastically balanced tool. Since chess is always two-player, you only have yourself to rely on. But in multiplayer games, such as League of Legends, you are faced with the prospect of ELO hell.

ELO hell is when your ELO score is so low, you are only matched with and against players of terrible skill. This makes it difficult to win a game because, despite your opponents being unskilled, so is your team. ELO that relies on team play is disproportionately unbalanced by many external factors.


The 4 Best Gaming Review Channels to Watch

Whatever video you want to watch, it’s likely someone will have already created it and posted it on YouTube. One of the newest trends for videos popular videos on YouTube is people playing video games and reviewing them. This is a great idea for a channel as if you’re creating the content you’re doing something that you enjoy and it’s either a great hobby or you can make a business out of it and if you’re watching the videos then you’ll be able to see the game before you commit to buying it. If you want to start your own gaming review channel and turn it into a business then a great way to get a head start is to take advantage of the services online to help boost your YouTube channel, I usually use this one when I need to buy youtube views. If you’re just interested in watching these reviews then we’ve found the 4 most enjoyable channels to watch.


Jose Vargas is better known by his YouTube channel name ‘Angry Joe’. He’s been creating gaming review videos for a long time and thanks to his dedication to it, his channel has become one of the most well-known and popular gaming review channels on YouTube. His content is funny and enjoyable whilst also being informative about the game which has led to him gaining over 3 million subscribers. He keeps up to date with the newest releases so his channel is always great when you’re trying to decide whether to buy a new game. His videos are usually at least a half-hour long and some are even an hour, this is great if you want a really detailed review of the newest games before you commit to the purchase. His name is Angry Joe because when he is reviewing games that were in his opinion disappointing he spends a lot of his time ranting, which is funny for the viewers.


If you’re looking for a much shorter review and don’t want to watch hour-long videos about the game then Gameranx’s channel will be much better suited to you. His videos are much quicker and are very to the point about the game, the majority of his reviews are 5-minute videos with all the main information that you need. He doesn’t include his opinion on the games so you can hear his list of pros and cons, see a little bit of the game footage, and make the decision for yourself.


ACG stands for Angry Centaur Gaming, this is another very popular gaming review channel with over 700k subscribers with most of their videos receiving around 100k views. ACG is somewhere in between Gameranx and AngryJoeShow, he disliked watching super short reviews so decided to start his own channel with most of his videos lasting around 20 minutes. This channel would be perfect for you if an hour is too long but you want more information about the game than you can get from a 5-minute video. One thing his viewers really appreciate about his channel is that if he ever receives a review code he’ll buy a copy and give it away to one of his supporters, this adds some additional fun to watch his videos.

Worth A Buy

Worth A Buy is another solidly rated gaming review channel, there are no additional quirks to this channel but it’s still popular as he splits the game into categories and is straight to the point with each category, giving lots of information but still in a short time as most of his videos are around 10 minutes.

Gaming Together: How to Open and Run a Successful Minecraft Server

Everyone loves Minecraft. Since 2006, Minecraft has been a key player in pop culture. Even if you have never played the game, you have definitely experienced the hype that surrounds it. You have probably also run into all of the popular Minecraft merchandise, as well as all of the songs that have been released as a product of Minecraft’s popularity.

In the last year or so, Minecraft has had a huge comeback. This is mainly because a lot of the content creators that we love have taken a step back and have started to play some of the older games that were once popular and Minecraft was at the top of this list.

The last year has also been extremely difficult on all of us, and so there is no wonder why so many of us are looking back to the things that would give us comfort in our younger years.

The creators of Minecraft have also noticed that people are looking to get back into the game and to accommodate this, they have added major updates. They have vastly increased the animals that you can find in the game and they have also added new biomes and cool mobs. There are also far more game modes than there have ever been before, which has really invited the attention of new players and people who put the game down for a while.

Because of how popular the game is again, there is no wonder why there has been a drastic increase in the amount of Minecraft servers that are being opened. Here is how you can open and run a successful Minecraft server.


Minecraft servers

Minecraft servers have been popular for some time now. There is no wonder why, as Minecraft is much funnier when you can create an entire world to play in. After all, it is an extremely collaborative game that really encourages you to interact with your fellow players.


Setting up your server

To be able to set up a Minecraft server, you first need to make sure that you have the latest version of Java.  If you don’t do this, you will immediately struggle as your server will not be able to run.

Mojang has actually made it extremely convenient for people to be able to set up a Minecraft server by providing a number of VPS that you can download. They have plenty of free servers available for you to download in an extremely convenient way, I got my vps server here when I started my own Minecraft server:

The company has done its best to make the process as convenient as possible and they have several pages of instructions for anyone that is interested in pursuing server ownership.


Agreeing to all of the terms

Though the instructions for setting up your server are quite simplistic, there is a long list of terms and conditions that you really need to go through and learn. Not only is owning a server quite a lot of responsibility, but there are also several associated risks that could compromise your safety and so you have to be sure that you are aware of what these risks are.


Launching your server

Again, running your server is an extremely straightforward task. Minecraft servers are much different from your standard VPS as Mojang has gone to the extent to make sure that the server works as easily and as efficiently as possible. This is partly due to the main user base that enjoys Minecraft, which are usually people under the age of thirteen who may not have as much familiarity with the process as older more experienced people.


Server window

The servers that Mojang provides are very user-friendly. The server provides the user with an ongoing log of information to keep you on track of what is going on within the server. There is a lot of information that lets you know about all the goings-on within your server. For example, your server window lets you know how much memory the server and who is currently connected to the server.

With any gaming server, there is also a chat log. Like in any game, the Minecraft chat log can often become quite nasty. If you want to run a successful server, you need to make sure that the people that are a part of your server are being respectful. If you allow a few bad eggs to alienate people within your server, people may be reluctant to join your server and you may even lose pre-existing members.  This is why you should closely monitor your chat log to make sure you aren’t allowing people to ruin everyone else’s experience.


Game modes

A big part of owning a Minecraft server that can make it so confusing is the game mode element. Not a lot of people choose to go to servers to simply have an open-world experience, after all if this is what they wanted to experience then they would have just made themselves a private world to play on. Hosting game modes means that you have to constantly update the map, it also requires the storage of a lot more data as people will want to keep a record of the leader boards that people have worked their way up. This can take up a lot of memory, so be sure that you have some spare.

The Pro Guide to Becoming an Apex Legends Master

Since its release in February 2019, Apex Legends has been a favorite among many gamers. Many have become dedicated to the game and want to learn to master the game. There are many ways to do this, and many websites offering apex legends hacks to help you become a true master. Since the game’s release, there have been many YouTube channels and pages dedicated to attempting to master the game.  With over 50 million daily players, it can be hard to master the game and to stand out.



Picking up the right weapon when you drop into Apex Legends can massively change the outcome of your game. The aim of the game is to win so do not be afraid to use the best weapons in the meta. You will see a lot of people criticizing certain weapons on places like Reddit, but do not let that stop you from picking those up. It makes a huge difference to your game so even if it is a lower-class weapon, definitely try and find and master those. Go for the Kraber, the R-99, and do not be scared to use them on your opponents.  Despite being extremely rare and only firing unique ammunition that cannot be replenished, the mastiff shotgun boasts some of the best weapon stats in the game. With an insane kickback due to the sheer power of the weapon, the Mastiff will tear your opponents to shreds if they dare come too close.

If you have managed to get your hands on this lucrative weapon (try looking in supply drops for the legendary Mastiff), you will be surprised just how capable it is of reaching close to mid-range targets. With the ability to deal 288 damage in a single shot, the four-round weapon can easily clear an entire room with ease when placed into the right hands. Additionally, with the Prowler Burst BDW, this 5-round burst SMG not only features an insanely fast fire rate but also has the highest damage capabilities in the SMG category. When placed into the right hands, the Prowler can deal some incredibly significant damage. This is especially true when fitted with extended mags, a nice scope, and the Selectfire Receiver Hop-Up which will allow the weapon to act just like any other SMG. Topping the SMG category, this P90 style SMG is an easy choice for those looking for the perfect close-quarter weapon.


Hints and tips

Unlike most battle royale games, Apex Legends offers plenty of unique characters that have their own strengths, weaknesses, and game-changing abilities. As a result, choosing a team that has good synergies with one another will drastically increase your ranked win rate. It may be tempting to instantly lock in your favorite legend, but sometimes it can be worth taking a look at your current comp and picking someone that will compliment your team’s win condition. For example, pairing Bangalore with Caustic enables you to barrage your foes with a haze of noxious gas and smoke, reducing their visibility and giving you plenty of opportunities to both initiate firefights and dissuade them. Throw in Bloodhound and you have a comp that can also see through this deadly veil of smoke, making it incredibly easy to obliterate your vision impaired enemies.


Team Synergy

There are plenty of characters that work well together, so take a look at their abilities and pick a comp that synergizes well with one another. Whether you are playing with a group of random people or with a premade team, communication is the key to success in any game of Apex Legends. While Respawn’s ping system may be incredibly robust, it is even better when paired with actual voice communication. You may be able to get by with simple pings in the lower tiers of ranked play, but once you get into the Platinum and Diamond ranks, you will notice how fluid team movements are.

Being able to successfully breach enemy defenses, coordinate, and discussing various strategies is incredibly important, so do not be afraid to jump on voice comms and tell your teammates what you are thinking. Being able to instantly tell your allies what your intentions are, and stating whether you can and cannot commit to a firefight can greatly reduce any frustrating losses that could easily be avoided. It may be beneficial to play with team members that you already know or are friends with, this way you know each other’s strategies and can discuss these as a team. Apex Legends’ Respawn Beacons exist for a reason, so even when the odds are stacked against you, it is important to never give up and try your best. Having a full squad in the late-game is highly advantageous and you will be able to mop up any foes who are determined to play the solo game.

Battle of the Arenas: What is the Best Battle Royale Game On the Market

In 2012 the world was introduced to the Hunger Games movie. Based on a series of extremely popular books, it saw people taken from their numbered districts and placed inside a massive arena. They were then forced to engage in the last man standing deathmatch. A brutal premise that is often attributed to the Hunger Games. But the first instance of this trope was actually from the 2003 manga, Battle Royale.

You may notice this manga has the same name as the gaming genre based upon the same principle. And for good reason. All those games have their history firmly rooted in that manga. Today, the battle royale genre is one of the most popular gaming genres out there. So we are going to take a look at some of the most popular Battle Royale games on the market and try to decide which one is best.


Fortnite is easily the most popular and well-known battle royale game on the market. It has been at the center of numerous controversies and scandals surrounding their own legal battles with companies such as Apple, and the issue of rampant child addiction to the game.

But all of that aside it remains very fun and easy to access the game. The battle royale formula is shaken up a bit by the inclusion of the ability to build structures as you play. This allows for greater tactical decisions and lots of creative freedom as well. The game also allows players to make their own game modes and even have their own skin submissions sold in store.

The game remains popular with its crossover events, recently crossing over with the marvel comics and now The Mandalorian as well. It seems Fortnite is not going to slow down anytime soon, and we are more than happy with that.


PUBG is often seen as the main competitor of Fortnite or is used to be. The two games were night and day. While their basic premise was the same, their styles and tones were different. PUBG takes a much more realistic and gritty approach to the genre. No building or cartoon characters. Just real guns, environments, and tools. And the community has plenty of working pubg cheats and aimbots from veterancheats to give you an edge against the more professional players.

This appeals much more to the audience that enjoys traditional shooters such as CoD and Battlefield. But in recent years PUBG has started to dwindle. Mainly due to the fact its creator, PlayerUnknown, has been involved in numerous PR issues and scandals for his horrible behavior. We wouldn’t be surprised if the game fades into obscurity very soon.

Fall Guys

A vastly different take on the genre. Fall Guys blew up at the start of 2020. Taking inspiration from shows such as Ultimate Ninja challenge and Total Wipeout, the game is presented as a TV show where the Bean shaped people must compete for crowns. Only one can be the victor in the end.

The game is wholesome fun. No shooting or killing, just a series of randomized mini-games that sees more and more players eliminated each round. This game has broadened the market for battle royale games and shown companies what can be done with the genre with a little creative thinking and flair for design. The game is now into its third season and we cant wait to see what it does next.

CoD: Warzone

As we said before, PUBG was the place CoD players went when they wanted to play a Battle Royale mode. But COD: Warzone is the final nail in the coffin of PUBG. Now CoD players have their own Battle Royale mode that is, by all accounts, fantastic.

The game features some truly breath-taking environments with lots of places to hide and explore. Paired with CoD’s signature gun-play and loadout systems, people can take their favorite loadout into battle and test their mettle against one-hundred other players.


The Winner

It is difficult to pick a definitive winner. If we went off player-based and community engagement, then Fortnite would win simply based on the fact that its player base is boosted by the younger crowd. But if we looked at player satisfaction we would argue that CoD: Warzone is the current champion of the Battle Royale Genre.